AS40 Floor Saw

The AS40 is a floor saw with cutting capacity up to 17cm (with 500mm blade). Thanks to the modern and unique solutions it is ideal in all professional cutting works of asphalt and concrete. All components of the AS40 are of the highest quality. Its operation and durability make this machine one of the best in todays market.


The water supply from the centre of the shaft means ideal blade cooling. The water reaches the diamond segments radially and distributes exactly where it is needed assuring economy of water, reduction of the down time for refilling and total dust suppression.

The blade penetration is made by an arm hinged directly on the engine. This keeps the engine position level assuring ideal engine lubrication in all inclinations. The penetration arm is fabricated from a solid aluminium stock.

The pentration arm reduces a lot of the effort when turning the penetration handle, as it has to lift only the arm and not all the machine weight as needed on the traditional floor saws.

The very low centre of gravity means stability and ideal distribution of weight.

The blade transmission belt is "poly V' type for heavy duty applications. This exclusive strong belt does not require tensioning, it assures quietness and a long lasting service without problems.

The weight distribution and total weight of 120kg (150kg with water) assure stability, manoeuvrability and maximum performance.

The handle bar is suspended on rubber shock mounts to reduce vibration levels. The angle of the handle can be positioned where needed and can be completely folded to reduce space during transport.

The engine and the parts are well protected against the impact and various blows received during use and transport.

The wheel has a brake to use during transport.

The blade guard is very durable in order to resist impacts and deformation. It can only be opened with spanners as prescribed by the recent CE norms.

The water tank of 30 litre capacity can be removed in a second without the need of tools. It is made from indestructable high quality plastic, has a large opening for easy refilling, cleaning and transportation. The machine also has a water attachment for the connection to the city water network.

The control panel has the stop button for emergency arrest of the engine. the acceleration lever is well protected from impacts.


Weight (without liquids) 120kg
Weight (with liquids) 150kg
Dimension LxPxH cm 110x55x95
Water tank capacity 30 litre
Cutting depth maximum 17cm
Blade diameter maximum 500mm (20
Engine type Honda GX 390
Power 13.5 HP (10Kw)
Fuel Petrol

Product Options $1,399.00