DBM200-3 Wet Diamond Core Drill Motor
DBM200-3 Wet Diamond Core Drill Motor
DBM200-3 Wet Diamond Core Drill Motor

DBM200-3 Wet Diamond Core Drill Motor

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DBM-200-3 is a professional grade diamond core drill motor for wet drilling. It has a three speed oil bath gear box, with mechanical clutch and integrated water feed system. This machine is dependable, heavy-duty and efficient; bringing a whole new level of seriousness to the job site. If you’re a professional and you need the best of the best, then look no further.



  • Smart electronic motor control includes soft start, slow start, overload protection, thermal protection and load warning system with indicator light to notify operator when motor is close to overloading.
  • Slow start function lets the motor start at half speed and reach full speed in a few seconds; allowing greater control and accuracy for drilling the hole first time.
  • The motor housing, gear box and gear plate are made from magnesium alloy for minimal weight and maximum strength. The all-metal construction improves cooling and increases durability.
  • The 60mm mounting neck allows mounting into a rig for even larger drilling jobs.
  • Two-in-one spindle offers both 1-1/4” UNC and 1/2” BSP and a built-in Anti-Seize Ring to prevent core bits from getting stuck on the spindle.
  • Built in levels help guide operation to a straight and perfect angle when drilling.
  • PRCD / GFCI interrupter is included for electrical safety.

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