SC250X Grinder
SC250X Grinder
SC250X Grinder

SC250X Grinder

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Is the perfect all round start up or rental machine for grinding, polishing or stock removal. The SC250X accepts TraxxLok or full discs.


  • Foldable Handle has a range  from 60” to 165”. This makes the products structure more compact  and convenient in transportation and storage, and easy to handle and operate.
  • Electrical Protector is a safety switch that protects the electrical equipment by immediately disconnecting the power supply when the current exceeds the range.
  • The Detachable Dust Shroud allows the grinder to get close to walls when grinding.
  • The Level Bubble allows the user to quickly check whether the grinder is in a level state or not.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Port and Water Pipe port is designed for dry and wet grinding. In dry grinding it can connect with a vacuum cleaner to keep the working environment clean. In wet grinding it can be connected with a water pipe to cool the grinding head and absorb the dust.

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