FS-500 Floor Saw


Just 20” (500mm) maximum blade size allowing 210mm depth of cut. 
- Slip-on blade guard left or right side sawing
- Screw feed raise and lower
- Built in depth indicator
- Bracket is included for lifting the water tank for easy transportation
- Light weight easy for 2 people to lift and carry
- Poly V-belt for optimal transmission of power
- Blade coolant: Water supply connector and valve on blade guard
- Depth of cut indicator can be adjusted for different diameter blades
- Heavy duty design makes this economical saw a favourite for small to medium size jobs


Engine Type Honda GX390
Arbor Size 25.4 mm
Power 13Hp
Depth of Cut 190 mm
Blade Speed 2800 RPM
Blade Capacity 500 mm
Water Tank 25L

Product Options $4,631.00