Scoot Stand up
Scoot Stand up

Scoot Stand up

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The Scoot Stand-Up makes it possible to transform your variable speed grinder into a bush-hammering machine allowing the user to work standing upright without fatigue. All you have to do is install the system on the grinder, screw in the bush plate and you’re done!
This system is easy to install on a Ø180 mm variable speed grinder. Equipped with two support handles, the wide wheels give you the stability you need to stand upright and effortlessly. The shroud has an outlet for connecting a vacuum cleaner.


Available as two options:

SCOOT STANDUP (Grinder and Dust Shroud not Supplied)

SCOOT STANDUP COMPLETE c/w Makita grinder 180mm (Comes complete with Makita grinder, adapter plates and 7" dust collection shroud.)

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