Traxx SM125 Scouring Machine

This versatile Scouring Machine is specifically designed for the removal of soft plaster surfaces, elastic protection on walls and floors, asphalt and protective coatings for concrete, latex or oil paint on gypsum surfaces, and the removal of impurities and contamination on concrete surfaces.


  • Movable rubber base platform that bends and swivels accordingly to the surface, putting less strain on the users wrists
  • Ergonomically designed to decrease user fatigue
  • Side handle (able to attach to either side) improves handling of the machine
  • Dust free operation - attaches directly to standard vacuum hose
  • All three types of abrasive materials; carbide cutter discs, diamond grinding heads and TC grinding heads are easily replaced when worn out.


  • Adjustable side handle - attaches to left or right
  • Front handle
  • Vacuum hose attachment
  • Movable rubber platform that swivels and bends according to the surface
  • The base has a 6mm adjustable depth cover that can be adjusted by hand as well as easily removed. The rubber platform is attached to the removable depth cover.



Voltage 230V / 50Hz, 110V / 60Hz
Power input 1200 W
No load r.p.m. 2800
Milling head 125mm
Milling depth 1-6mm
Net weight 5.4kgs (11.9Lbs)

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