VAL 6 DAYSTAR Radiant Heater
VAL 6 DAYSTAR Radiant Heater

VAL 6 DAYSTAR Radiant Heater

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The VAL6 Daystar portable diesel powered infrared heater is an efficient and powerful space heater for heating in a large open area, it can also be used for drying purposes. The Daystar provides infrared heat as well as forced air heat. Applications include heating in workshops, warehouses, factories, garages, sheds, farm houses, porches, outdoor events and more. At 18kg it is an ultra-portable heating unit.


Portable infrared heaters are used for localised space heating in large environments and can heat spaces that would otherwise be uneconomical to heat. Infrared heaters work on the same principle as the sun, heating the people and objects the light touches rather thanheating the air. Heat is generated by infrared rays that travel at the speed of light producing a highly efficient and low cost source of warmth.

VAL6 Infrared heater models can be used for heating or drying. Applications include heating in large environments such as: factories, warehouses, workshops, showrooms, garages, sheds, outbuildings, construction sites, emergency sites, halls, auditoriums, outdoor areas for events, indoor areas with high ceilings etc. It can also be used for drying paint, adhesives and for drying out damp rooms.


  • Factory, Plant, Workshop
  • Outdoor projects
  • Construction Sites
  • Drying of paint and adhesives
  • Asphalt and concrete preparation
Heat Output 13,000 kcal/h
Fuel Kerosene, Diesel
Tank Capacity 10 L
Power Source 230V/110V, 50Hz Single phase
Power Consumption 1.25 Kg/h
Safety Device Photocell flame monitor, 1.6A Fuse Overheat prevention system, Tip-over switch
Burner Type High Pressure spray gun type
External Dimension H x W x D 593 x 310 x 600mm
Dry Weight 18 Kg

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