DS 500 Drill Stand

Our premium line of drill stands were created to meet the capabilities required by high capacity operators who need a rig which can remain stable under the most extreme torque loads. The alloy mast with tilt capability and steel base give the most rigid structure possible with the roller carriage providing perfect guidance with zero play. For convenience, the crank handle doubles as a wrench for many of the fasteners and adjusters.

The largest stand in the series is conservatively rated for 800mm (32”) core bits. This is followed by the 500mm (20"), 250mm (10") and 170mm (6-1/2") versions.
In addition to the standard 1:1 crank gearing, the 800mm and 500mm versions also include a second built-in crank spindle with reduction gearing of 4:1 and 3.3:1 respectively. This makes drilling in large sizes a lot easier on the operator.

Optional extension spacers are available for larger diameter core bits to maintain clearance between the bit and the stand. Extension spacers in sizes 45, 100, 150 and 200mm are optionally available. These may also be stacked together as needed to achieve the required distance. In addition to the standard mounting spacer, the 250mm stand comes with a clamp bracket for mounting hand-held drilling motors. This part is available as an option for the other stands, as well. The 170mm stand is equipped with our unique quick-release cradle system.

It has never been so quick and easy to mount and dismount the motor from the stand.

- Rated for 500mm (20") core bits
- Heavy Duty and Strong
- Wheels allow stand to be easily transported around jobsite
- Modular System
- Longer or shorter columns on request
- Standard 1:1 crank gearing,
- Includes a second built-in crank spindle with reduction gearing of 4:1 and 3.3:1 respectively.
- Spacer blocks from 45mm - 200mm are available

Product Options $2,557.00